Welcome to our resource list! A place where we share all of the books, movies, podcasts, etc., that our team has been checking out recently. 

Check out the interactive list here, or scroll through the static list here on our website. The list is updated weekly, or whenever we find something new worth sharing. 

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Looking for a new read for the metro? A guide to becoming an activist? A young adult novel you can give to your cousin who doesn’t understand social justice? Look no farther! Among these books, you’ll find all of these and more, from a bit of light reading, to a book that might take you a few months to get through, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

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Long walk ahead of you? Why not listen to a podcast instead of the new Ed Sheeran album? Or maybe you’re someone who prefers first-hand accounts, stories and opinions. Either way, you’ll find a plethora of podcasts that appeal to you here. From lessons on how to be a better ally, to discussions of current events, there is some of everything. 

My home studio podcasting setup - a Røde

Haven’t got the attention span for a thick book? Want a more visual way to learn about activism? Our movie list is for you! From documentaries to lifetime movies, to pure entertainment with heavy themes, you’ll have no problem finding your next Friday night film here!

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Use Instagram more than BBC? Prefer a Twitter feed to an interview sometimes? We’ve been there. Check out this list of social media users can follow to get some updates on current events or tips on how to be more socially aware in between your daily dose of cat videos.