There's a Women’s History Month?

by Lauren

It's exploded all over Instagram, Twitter, even Facebook. Women's History Month. I for one, was more than confused when I saw it pop up on my timeline. When I asked around at school, nobody seemed to know what it was, asking me if I was confusing it with International Women's Day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely happy to see the recognition of women on a global scale, especially for an entire month. A month to celebrate women and their contributions to history. It was a long time coming, really.

Women's History Month started out as International Women's Day, an idea that came about at the 1910 International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen from Clara Zetkin.

The day was celebrated for years in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark, however, it went fully global after the UN sponsorship in 1975.

In the United States, March was declared Women's History Month in 1987, a whole 34 years ago. So why is it just now that it's gone global?

Social media enters stage left. Despite underrepresentation in media, social media provides a more level playing field where people have been increasingly vocal about problems in our society. One such problem, is injustice against women, leading to the rise of feminism, the #MeToo movement, etc.

Under the theme "Choose to Challenge", women are being more vocal than ever before, highlighting the obstacles faced on the daily: pay gaps, underrepresentation, rape culture, the pink tax, need I go on?

So, this month (and every month, why be confined), you should make the effort to support women and build solidarity. Watch movies by female directors, listen to music by female artists, write a thank you to a woman who inspires you, anything that you can think of.

And more than anything, let's work for a society that values, respects, and idolizes women as much as men, for equity and equality, for a society where we won't need a month.

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