our story

When you realize that there's a lack of social justice advocacy at your school, what do you do? We can tell you what we did: create OnJustice.

In September of 2020, we met for the first time in our school library, our conversations sowing the seeds of what became The OnJustice Group. With a mission of discussing the past and present in order to define an equitable future, OnJustice has evolved from a school group, to a podcast, and now to a full-fledged social justice organization.

At the school level, we advocate for social justice, working with administration on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) projects. At the community level, we publish the OnJustice Podcast, curate social justice resource lists, write articles on topics like abortion laws and representation in media, and more. At the international level, well, we'll just have to see where it goes!

Introducing OnJustice!

A social justice group dedicated to discussing the past and present in order to define an equitable future. Check out our introduction video!

Alba Azzarello


Hey! My name is Alba, I'm Franco-Italian, and one of the co-founders and podcast hosts here at OnJustice.

Tess Naquet

Core Member

Hi! My name is Tess. I’m an 11th grader at ISP. I’m Franco-American, but I’ve only ever lived in Paris.

Lauren Campbell


Hello, hello hello! I'm Lauren, born in Los Angeles, raised in Jamaica, and now one of the co-founders of OnJustice

Stephine Corso


I'm Steph and I'm just along for the ride, ready and willing to support any and all OnJustice actions!

Pascale Cartwright


Hi! I’m Pascale Cartwright. I’m a Franco-American senior at ISP, and have been here ever since I moved from Colorado 10 years ago.